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How To Prepare for a Visit to the Doctor When You Have Memory Impairment Concerns

Is it Alzheimer’s or something else?

Memory impairment can be caused by a variety of factors and not all memory impairment symptoms mean that someone has Alzheimer’s disease.

While the majority of doctors and seniors think cognitive screening is important, issues on both sides sometimes prevent assessments from happening.  The “Alzheimer’s Early Detection Worksheet” below can help you and your loved one prepare for a visit to the doctor.  Share this worksheet with your physician to get the conversation started.

A cognitive assessment screening must be made available to patients through Medicare-provided wellness visits.

You are not alone.  If you have questions about getting a cognitive assessment for yourself or a loved one, please contact Laurie Nowak, Adult Day Services Manager and Alzheimer’s Support Group facilitator at 414-546-7367.