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How Music and Memory Benefits Residents at Clement Manor

Research has shown that music reduces agitation and anxiety associated with dementia and increases attention and cooperation. Music also improves social interactions, increases engagement with family members, lowers blood pressure and helps with sleep. Most importantly, listening to music awakens the spirit and fosters happiness.


According to Suzanne Kletch, whose mother had Alzheimer’s, music on her iPod brought her life. “With Alzheimer’s, my mom lost her ability to do the many things she enjoyed,” Kletch remembers. “When her headphones were placed on, she looked genuinely happy, calm and peaceful. You would see her toe tapping, head bobbing, lips moving, a smile, and a sparkle in her eyes.”


Clement Manor is a certified Music and Memory program provider and uses iPods with residents in the Health Center.


Help us fulfill resident requests.  All those CD’s that you no longer listen to could help build our library of music that appeals across ages and genres.  Contact us for more information about making donations at 414-321-1800.