Concierge Services

Our team consists of Concierge Liaison Laurie Nowak, Concierge Liaison and Certified Senior Advisor, Kim Skoczynski, CSA, Francis Haven Social Worker Susan Kopesky CSW, Director of Social Work and Concierge Services Jeanne Aliota, and Care Management Coordinator/Social Worker Heidi Halbur. The Concierge Team vision is to help people make a smooth transition to a new stage of life, following and caring for residents and families from the time of admission and move-in, throughout transitions within our continuum of care. 

They recognize the emotional needs of residents and families and can assist with coping, providing support, listening and answering questions. 

In addition, this team is your first contact to learning more about our campus! If you are interested in scheduling a tour, please call 414-546-7000.