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UPDATES For Residents and Families During COVID-19 - September 15, 2020

As part of our testing process based on the recent guidelines to test Health Center-related staff on a weekly basis, a member of the contracted rehabilitation services team tested positive for COVID-19 today.  The person had no signs or symptoms and will quarantine at home for 14 days.  All other rehabilitaton team members were tested, and none tested positive.  The therapy gym, equipment and offices were cleaned and sanitized immediately and are on a regular schedule for the same.

Year to date - there have been a total of 2 residents in Clare Suites testing positive for COVID-19.  All were cleared.
Year to date there have been 8 staff members testing positive.  All but the person noted above have been cleared.

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If you have any questions, contact us at 414-321-1800.