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Clement Manor Nurse Named Nurse of the Year 2016

May 2, 2016 - A Letter From Clement Manor CEO, Dennis Ferger
We are very proud to announce that Fern Barot, Assisted Living Apartments Nurse Manager, has been selected as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Nurse of the Year for 2016. Fern has been making clement Manor’s mission of enriching lives a reality for residents and their families for the last 10 years. Just as Clement Manor’s sponsors, the School Sisters of St. Francis, strive to be a source of new life, meaning and hope for those they touch, Fern passionately works to preserve individuals’ independence and dignity while providing necessary assistance through her expert nursing care.

Fern attributes the success of her nursing practice to professional skill but more importantly to Clement Manor where she is supported in providing tender, loving, care to each individual she comes in contact with. "Clement Manor taught me to be preserving, patient and humane in all of my endeavors, treating each one as equal regardless of backgrounds," Fern said. "The organization and the people I work with share the same Christian values in providing individualized, holistic care to our residents and respective families. A focus on enriching the lives of our community is sincere and an everyday mission for the staff and the volunteers,†she said.

There will be a special section in the paper on Sunday, May 8 featuring Fern and we invite you to join us for a reception to recognize her achievement and to kick off our week-long celebration of quality clinical care across the Clement Manor campus on Monday, May 9 from 3 to 4pm in the Health Center lobby.

We congratulate Fern for being recognized as Nurse of the Year! We are pleased that she is part of the Clement Manor team and that she contributes so much to our vision to be a Life Enriched Community.